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There was talk about this last week on this forum, so you may want to look back on those posts. The short answer is that APPM uses ASTAP's "automatic mode" for calculating the view/image scale field during a regular APPM run with the expectation that ASTAP will accurately calculate image scale. However, ASTAP's automatic mode is not very automatic.

So, you may have to configure the ASTAP's settings in APPM to get ASTAP to solve images. I am working on a fix to get around ASTAP's unexpected behavior, but it is not ready.

In the longer term, I am considering porting just ASTAP's plate solving logic to C#/.NET so that I can make plate solving work in a way that is most efficient for future APPM features.


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I have APCC and latest ASTAP. When I try to run a pointing model the ASTAP solve always fails. If I
leave the scope at the run target location and press the Plate Solve button, the solve is always successful in
a few seconds. What am I missing?

Bill Conrad

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