Re: Fine tuning PHD2 settings for 1100 with Encoders #Guiding

Roland Christen

I don't see any screen shots


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ld let the mount track and record the tracking grap
Hi Roland.

Thank you for taking the time reply. I really appreciate the help. The main reason ordered the 1100 with Encoders is I was hoping my guiding would significantly improve and maybe even get to the point where could image without guiding at all.

I have change the delay to 2000ms. The 10s delay seemed like a bit long, but was willing to give it a try. 

Regarding, letting the mount track without guiding, I think that is pretty much what the PHD2 Guiding Assistant does (see screen shot). After letting it run for about 5 mins it reported a total RMS of around 0.23 arc-sec. It then recommend the MinMo of 0.20 for RA and 0.30 for DEC (never understood why these number need to be different). I tried bumping this up a bit during the night, but it didn't seem to help much.

I just was not sure if the results I was getting was just the best I should expect given my crappy skies here in Houston, or if I was just not fully dialed in. What always bugs me is to see my DEC axis jumping around. If I am polar aligned, which both PemPro and PHD2 say I am, then I would not expect much movement in my DEC, but it is jumping all over the place. I tried turning down the aggression as a lot of the gyrations look like over corrections. Maybe I just need to keep turning down the aggression in PHD to get rid of those spikes?


Roland Christen

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