Fine tuning PHD2 settings for 1100 with Encoders #Guiding

Andrew J

We finally got a clear night and I was finally able to create a pointing model and attempt my first imaging run last night with my 1100GTO-AEL. I created about a 200 point model and setup PHD2 following some helpful advice from Brian Valente here on this forum back in July.


Here are my settings:


  • Used Guiding Assistant to set the RA/DEC MinMo by letting it run for about 5 mins
  • Set sidereal guide rate to 1x
  • Use 4 second guiding exposures
  • Set a 10 second "time lapse" between exposures
  • Use lowpass 2 algorithm on both RA and DEC
  • Set Medium aggressiveness (I used 65 for RA and 80 for DEC)
  • Don’t use backlash compensation

Although my guiding was much better than I ever got with my Mach1, I still think there might be some room for improvement. Here is the graph that I had at the end of the session that was fairly representative of what I saw earlier in the night. I tried fumbling with the MinMo and Aggressive settings to try and smooth it out a bit, but was unable to get a better result. I would welcome any recommendation on how I can improve my settings or things to try.


Thanks in the advance for the help

Andrew J

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