Re: APCC: RA limit reached while in Park 3? #APCC


Howard, thank you for speaking to me on the phone today. 

For the benefit of others, I will repeat what you told me to do to attempt to solve the problem. 

  1. Park the mount (I used Park 3)
  2. Reconfigure the V2 driver to not use the APCC virtual port. I changed it back to the IP address used by my Ethernet configuration. 
  3. Configure the driver to Unpark from Park 3 and unpark the mount. 
After doing this, the mount unparked and responded to commands normally. 

I then reconfigured the driver for use with APCC Pro and tried to connect to the mount. I got this error, which is what has appeared since the beginning. 

I don't even have to connect to the driver to get this error. It appears as soon as I connect to the mount. 

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thank you,


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