Re: Interesting Park using NINA

michael mccann

Come to think of it, and I forgotten until you mentioned it, NINA asks whether to sync ‘NINA to mount’ or ‘mount to NINA’ . And I know I chose ‘NINA to mount’. I guess it should be the other way around. If it’s not to cloudy tonight I’ll change that.


On Oct 7, 2021, at 15:08, Dale Ghent <> wrote:

What I bet *might* be happening in your case is that you have the keypad connected to your mount and it's not set for an EXT auto connect. So when your mount is powering on, the time that's configured in the keypad is immediately getting applied to the CP when the keypad initializes it. This could possibly explain some mount/PC time mismatch or wonkiness. With the Sync Time options I pointed out before, you can set the keypad to EXT in its autoconnect setting which will allow the ASCOM driver to initialize the mount when it connects.

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