Re: Interesting Park using NINA

Dale Ghent

I honestly can't explain why there's a difference between an external app such as NINA telling the driver to park, and the driver's own park button giving different results. I would think that both interfaces run the same logic underneath. Perhaps Ray can shed some light on this mechanism.

But given a correct PC and mount time and a reasonable lat/long, parking should always be successful and fine assuming your mount is properly aligned, something that can be done with a single plate solve. Time zones aren't going to have a bearing on the mount's internal clock. Like your PC, the system clock actually runs in UTC time, with whatever timezone you have configured applied to it for purposes of display.

What I bet *might* be happening in your case is that you have the keypad connected to your mount and it's not set for an EXT auto connect. So when your mount is powering on, the time that's configured in the keypad is immediately getting applied to the CP when the keypad initializes it. This could possibly explain some mount/PC time mismatch or wonkiness. With the Sync Time options I pointed out before, you can set the keypad to EXT in its autoconnect setting which will allow the ASCOM driver to initialize the mount when it connects.

On Oct 7, 2021, at 16:50, michael mccann via <> wrote:

You know that might be. I’m living in New Mexico, but so close to Arizona my computer always tell me my time is an hour earlier. I’m out in the countryside where I get my time from cell/data and not a regular network. I thought I had corrected this problem on my computer because I set the display time for mountain time zone, but when you look at all the settings it shows that it thinks it’s in Pacific time zone. I tried several times to change it. Software comes back says that I don’t have permission to, and yet I’m the administrator.

So finalizing the park is best from AP ASCOM.

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