Re: Possible bug in APCC with park?

Howard Hedlund wrote:

  • Don't park with other software.  APCC is already open anyway.  Use APCC to park your mount.

I’ll add one flavor onto this.


I have the APCC park default set to 3, which is where I load and unload the OTA.  In park 3 though, the telescope points (somewhat) up.


I have the Ascom V2 driver set to park 2.  It has a separate default.  The reason for this is that if rain is detected, the safety monitor tells NINA to tell ASCOM to do a park.  Park 2 points the telescope horizontally, where less rain will hit the objective while I run outside to haul things inside, also I think most of the other devices are less vulnerable level.  Note this is a “safety” inside NINA from an ASCOM safety monitor, not the same as APCC’s safety which is related to a disconnect.


So I agree with what you said sort of – I always manually park from APCC. But I have the other set up for a different purpose.  It is nice that there are two defaults (actually three counting safety park in APCC).






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