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Dale Ghent

NINA just tells the ASCOM driver, essentially, "Park the mount". It's up to the driver and mount controller to get the mount into the park position that is configured in the ASCOM driver. NINA and other upper-level apps aren't aware of what the physical orientation of the park position actually is; they only know whether the mount is parked or not.

As for why your mount didn't land in the Park 3 position, looking at the AP ASCOM driver logs might help determine why. Perhaps you hit the stop button by accident. There could be a time issue at play, so make sure your PC's clock is accurate and that the "Sync mount time at initialization" and "Keep mount time synced to PC time" options are checked in the AP ASCOM driver's setup options. You can access this through the "Setip Telescope" utility or by pressing the gears icon next to the driver selection drop-down box in NINA. I'm not sure, but you may need to reinitialize your mount to get the time to sync. Of course you ought to ensure that your PC's own clock is fairly accurate and is itself synced to a time source, if possible. See the attached screenshot.

On Oct 7, 2021, at 13:59, michael mccann via <mmccawsprojects@...> wrote:

I believe the manual says try to unpark and park with AP Ascom or APCC.  Last night I started the mount and connected with NINA.  This was my first tracking session with this mount, so this a newbie making sure My process is correct. At the end of tracking M31, I used NINA to park to #3 the mount. Dec returned to correctly, RA was 10 to 15 degrees off, weights East.  So I then tried the AP Ascom to park.  The mount corrected and moved to park position #3.
So here’s the info to fill out the picture:
NINA 1.11 - very recent version: I only used the simple sequence aspect of setting up a single target.
APCC - not installed yet 
AP ASCOM V2 - installed 
Keypad is attached and is configured for Ext.
You’ll Laugh:
Telescope: EVO50
Camera: ZWO ASI183MC 
- Start mount 
- Start Nina 
- connect eqpt 
- set Nina to slew, and auto correct (platesolve)
- run a set of four settings, about 3 hours worth
- manually I used NINA to Park, in NINA park is set to position 3. 
*** this is where it didn’t fully move to park #3
This where I used the AP ASCOM V2 interface to park, which it did correctly.

So I was surprised that NINA didn’t park it correctly.  A side note, I did notice that when slewing to M31 it was several degrees out.

Any thoughts?


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