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Roland Christen

When you're off by 15 degrees in RA it always means that your local time is off by 1 hour in that particular application. Could be time is wrong, could also be daylight savings is set wrong.

For every hour, RA changes by 15 degrees.


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I believe the manual says try to unpark and park with AP Ascom or APCC.  Last night I started the mount and connected with NINA.  This was my first tracking session with this mount, so this a newbie making sure My process is correct. At the end of tracking M31, I used NINA to park to #3 the mount. Dec returned to correctly, RA was 10 to 15 degrees off, weights East.  So I then tried the AP Ascom to park.  The mount corrected and moved to park position #3.
So here’s the info to fill out the picture:
NINA 1.11 - very recent version: I only used the simple sequence aspect of setting up a single target.
APCC - not installed yet
AP ASCOM V2 - installed
Keypad is attached and is configured for Ext.
You’ll Laugh:
Telescope: EVO50
Camera: ZWO ASI183MC
- Start mount
- Start Nina
- connect eqpt
- set Nina to slew, and auto correct (platesolve)
- run a set of four settings, about 3 hours worth
- manually I used NINA to Park, in NINA park is set to position 3.
*** this is where it didn’t fully move to park #3
This where I used the AP ASCOM V2 interface to park, which it did correctly.

So I was surprised that NINA didn’t park it correctly.  A side note, I did notice that when slewing to M31 it was several degrees out.

Any thoughts?


Roland Christen

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