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PNG files won't have the data (RA DEC) that FITS headers contain. 
Yes ASTAP is best and fastest.  Yes works with NINA and APPM.
I had some hiccups - I think bin2 was the answer.  APPM model is the best thing I've done for my Mach1. I no longer have to guide at all.  Tested up to 1000 second exposures.  I use to get trails or elongated stars over 40 seconds. 

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I was not running the mount at all.  I was inside my house running ASTAP in stand alone mode on my home computer to become familiar with it.  According to the ASTAP site, it is possible to solve images by feeding them directly into the program.  That is what I was trying to do, and no matter what image I fed into the program, it failed to solve.  That is when I contacted Han at and he provided things to try to get the images to solve – and they did. 


Once I am out in the observatory and running ASTAP with APPM on my mount, scope and camera, hopefully all will work as designed.


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  • Mainly image scale, but putting a rough RA and Dec into the boxes so that the program did not have to search the entire sky helped a lot.  I assume that when running APPM with ASTAP, I will see the target RA and Dec and then I will be able to input them into ASTAP to help refine the plate solving.  I will find out once the skies clear here in SE Louisiana.


No,  you should not need to, the RA/DEC should be provided by the connection to your mount and/or by the FITS headers (not completely sure which, they both provide it).


If you were doing this running the simulator you should also connect to the same simulator in APPM and NINA.  Both NINA and APPM should have a connection to the (same) mount.



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