Re: Seeking CP3 Control Box with V2 Chip

Roland Christen

The way PEMPro works, you can store the curve on your laptop and load it onto the same CP4 at any time. However, when you change CPs, I would worry that the timing would not be the same. I will have to check with our servo engineer and get back to you.

That said, doing a Pempro run is actually fun, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


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Every time a new CP3/4 is placed on a mount, a new curve has to be generated and stored in that CP3/4.

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Guess I have one more followup question.  If I make a PEC curve with the loaner CP4 will I ba able to keep that curve when I get mine back from repair, or will it require a new curve be generated at that time?

Roland Christen

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