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Roland Christen

The Mach2 mount always parks the actual telescope at the same gear angle - that is controlled by the internal encoders. The parks are independent of time or hour angle. Same with Home.

APCC calculates scope position using time and hour angle. Any error in sync or recal will affect where the scope is shown in the viewer. In your case it appears that your computer clock time is off by 6 hours. It doesn't appear that you did an errant sync because the viewer shows the Dec axis to be correct. Just the RA axis is off by 6 hours, so I suspect either a 6 hour clock time offset somewhere in your applications or you have a 6 hour error in the longitude.


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When I use the 3D viewer in APPC (which is a great feature), it seems to get de-synchronized from the mount position sometimes. Like in the example  below where the mount was parked at park 2 at around 9:30 AM (time of the screenshot is 12:30). 

One thing that might explains this is I do not quite fully understand what "correctly calibrated with the night sky" means in the warning window when the 3D viewer is launched. 

I would have thought "Find Home" (encoder tab) would be a valid calibration process for encoder mount in this regards. Or maybe the sync at the beginning of an APPM run, or from a third party software, but it doesn't seem to prevent that from happening, so obviously I'm missing something. My prerogative was that since the mount (with encoders) always knows where it is at, the 3D viewer should too, but it seems that at least in my case, it does not. 

From the manual, I understand this warning/pre-requisite is probably there for non-encoder mount when clutches are loosen but I couldn't find any information relative to this for encoder mounts or more specifically for the Mach2 (which is one of a kind species in itself, I know). But I might have missed it too. 

Hitting Sync -> Re-sync 3D view does fix it but it would be nice (and less scary, especially when slewing at 1800X) if it were always showing the correct orientation. 

Still, it works 95% of the time. Just trying to understand how I can get the last 5%... I can provide logs if required, but I feel it's just me not doing something I should. Anybody can pinpoint where I need to correctly "calibrate on the night sky", if that is indeed my issue ?



Roland Christen

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