Re: APCC feature request - Get time from mount

W Hilmo

Neither the MGBox app, nor APCC, update the computer clock.

I'm not sure what you mean by "they are both timed exactly".  APCC does (by default) update the mount's time from the computer clock, so they will always be in sync.  Of course, if the computer clock is off, they'll both be in sync to whatever time the computer thinks it is.  Also, if the computer running APCC is internet connected, it is likely syncing to a time service independent of APCC or any GPS receiver, so in that case, the computer clock may be very accurate.

If you want to sync the computer time from GPS, you will need software specifically to do that.  I use NMEATime2, which installs as a service and keeps the computer time in sync.  Note that NMEATime2 cannot connect to the GPS at the same time as any other software, so I have two different GPS receivers.  One of them is in my MGBoxV2, with APCC Pro connected.  The second one is a cheap USB receiver, with NMEATime2 connected.

On 10/6/21 9:01 AM, Keith Olsen wrote:
I also have the MGBOX2 and APPC Pro does show the UTC time from the box.  What I don't know for sure if APPC uses that time to update the computer system clock.  It looks to me like it does because they are both timed exactly when I run APPC Pro.  But I could be wrong about this.

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