Re: APCC feature request - Get time from mount

Dale Ghent

Yes, COM port access is exclusive to one application at a time.

There are systems such as the free com0com and commercial Eltima (which is what APCC uses) that can sit on top of a COM port and replicate it however many times. At least in the com0com case, this works best for apps that only read from the COM port, which is what an app that can read NMEA sentences from a GPS does. So at the expense of some additional latency, a GPS' COM port can be replicated such that APCC and another app can read the NMEA sentences coming off the receiver. I've used this kind of setup with the NMEATime2 app to keep my PC's clock properly sync'd and let APCC read from the GPS at the same time.

On Oct 6, 2021, at 12:33, Andrea Lucchetti <> wrote:

MGBOX is a cool little piece of hardware.
The only issue for me is a tendency to "steal" USB ports (COM ports).
I need to remember to add it at the end otherwise I run into issues with APCC.
Probably it is my fault in setting some of the parameters.

Il giorno mer 6 ott 2021 alle ore 18:08 Worsel via <> ha scritto:
Besides GPS coords., MGBOX also provides T, P, and RH. APPC Pro uses this data for adjusting the APPM generated model


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