Re: Is this tilt in the image train?

Roland Christen



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Well my first shot at this was pretty poor. I had very inconsistent results, that overshot what they should be been when I adjusted the tilt plate. They they went in the wrong direction! I finally got fed up and put everything back to flush with the scope.
I got to thinking though. It really was a very very slight adjustment to the tilt screws that was needed. I was also locking down the push pull screws quite a bit. 
So I though perhaps the tightening is distorting the actual situation. So I tightened up just the pull screws which put the tilt plates flush with the telescop and just slightly tightened the opposing screws.
Result? My stars are perfect across the whole field.
So what I though was tilt or miscollimation, turned out to be a distorted field due to overtightrning the adjustment screws.
I'm back in business!

Roland Christen

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