Re: APPM + ASTAP - Inaccurate FOV

Ray said:


  • I'm also curious about the "historical" aspect of the plate solve and
  • sync.  That uses the user's declare scale information right?  Maybe avoid this whole mess and just apply the historical solution to the run as well?


  • Historically, users calculated camera image scale based on manufacturers' specs (e.g. 100mm F/7 should be 700mm focal length).
  • However, that specification was rarely exact, and in some cases, it was pretty far off.


  • So, when a new user of APPM does a mapping run, the image-scale is assumed to be inaccurate, thus the reason for the "Refine image scale" checkbox. So for mapping runs, APPM "let" the plate solver apps use image information in the FITS headers, and would update the image scale appropriately.


  • However, once image-scale has been established and saved in APPM, the "Plate Solve Now", etc. buttons simply used the previously established image scale, instead of assuming it might be wrong.


Interesting, and it makes sense.  Thank you.


Though not completely sure why the same logic can’t extend to the point mapping run.


But we’re talking about 2 seconds or so per point.  If this is what you feel necessary to make it compatible with old systems, I have argued long enough (or too long).   Or maybe inspiration will strike to make it even more robust.

Thank you for the patience.

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