Re: APPM + ASTAP - Inaccurate FOV

Ray wrote:

Still, it would be easy to include a checkbox in APPM's ASTAP config to exclude the -fov argument in the command line for use with applications like NINA that provide the necessary FITS header values.
When I saw the error message, it looks like APPM is reading the file headers anyway, could it not just notice if it has everything, and if not use -fov 0, if so omit?

Or did I misunderstand and APPM doesn't read the headers before plate solving?

I'm also curious about the "historical" aspect of the plate solve and sync. That uses the user's declare scale information right? Maybe avoid this whole mess and just apply the historical solution to the run as well?

At least now we all understand, straight from the author, how it works. Thanks for being patient through that process.

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