Re: Seeking CP3 Control Box with V2 Chip

Roland Christen

Make a new curve. The old ones wear out with use.


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I'm thrilled to report that the loaner CP4 has arrived from AP.  My damaged unit probably passed it in the mail over the weekend... lol. 

I installed the loaner CP4 and all is well.  The mount behaves as it should.  It was interesting to see that there has been a case design change with the CP4.  Mine had the dovetails on the short ends of the case, while the loaner is on the long ends of the case.  I had to scoot the CP mount down the RA axis to the lower bolt mount only otherwise it hit the RA motor box.  I'm guessing that the redesign was for later generation mounts than the 900GTO?  In any event it's a non-issue.

I am curious about my PemPro Curve though.  Is this stored in the CP unit?  If so I imagine I will need to generate a new PEC curve for the loaner box.  I didnt think to make a backup of the PEC curve and if it is on the controller I sent back I'll have to see if AP can download that for me so I can reload. 

That leads me to another question, would the old curve even be valid anymore? In my testing the mount did wander a bit after the motor stalls with the old box and this was not registered by the driver.  I didnt rotate the spur gear manually or anything, so maybe that doesnt matter and the old curve would still work?

A huge thank you to AP for lending me this CP4 while mine is back for repairs! Wonderful customer service!!!

Roland Christen

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