Re: APPM + ASTAP - Inaccurate FOV

Ray said:


  • And the reason for the log message was as I suspected. The image scale was not passed to ASTAP from APPM's user interface because the intent was to let ASTAP pull information from the FITS header. I'll fix the log message in the next build.




So I think I finally know the answer to this by experimenting.  The documentation is not clear.


If you put in “-fov 0” then it appears to guess and then iterate.


If you leave it off entirely, i.e. no -fov parameter at all, then it calculates it from the header information.


I ran the same (unmodified) image both ways, and the log is very clear, as zero it iterates a few times, the one with it omitted immediately solves.


It appears that using -fov 0 is telling it not to use the calculated fov at all, perhaps its purpose (speculating here) is if you know your fov related info is wrong, to tell it to derive the fov not calculate.


Any chance it just gets omitted from your passed command line in a future version?   At least for the NINA integration, as FITS coming from NINA are going to have the right fields (and if they are wrong, the user needs to fix their parameters).


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