APPM + ASTAP - Inaccurate FOV

Sébastien Doré


I've reported this already a few days after APCC 1.9 went out but am not sure if it went through...

When doing an APPM run, even if every point solves successfully, I find it is always taking more time than I am used to with ASTAP (maybe a 4-5 seconds per solve). I also always get the below message in the INI file created along each solve, for every point : 

WARNING=Warning scale was inaccurate! Set FOV=0.40d, scale=0.4", FL=2127mm

I think it is caused by ASTAP being in "learn mode" and trying to brute force the FOV value.

When inspecting the call initiated by APPM (still in the same INI file), I also realized that the -fov argument is always set to '0', even if "Refine image scale from next solved image" box is unchecked in APPM's Plate Solve Settings : 

CMDLINE="C:\Program Files\astap\astap.exe" -f "C:\Users\Seb4stro\Documents\Astro-Physics\APPM\" -ra 23.4479155432537 -spd 148.879202814283 -fov 0 -s 500 -r 5 -m 1 -t 0.007

From ASTAP documentation: 

If the FOV (image height in degrees)  is unspecified in the command-line for RAW, PNG, TIFF files, ASTAP will use the FOV as set in the program, stack menu, tab alignment.

Which is how I would expect it to work when unticking the "Refine image scale..." box (my FOV  is already correctly set to 0.40 in ASTAP). Unless I'm misunderstanding about its true purpose ?

When I run the same command above from a dos prompt, but with the -fov 0.4 argument for example, ASTAP solves the sub almost instantly and shows no attempt to brute force the FOV in ASTAP's log. I believe the same happens if I omit entirely the -fov argument, but I'll have to confirm (after my run's finished).

Anybody with something similar using APPM + ASTAP ? Any help would be appreciated.


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