Re: Slight Wiggle in Dec Axis of Mach2 Mount

Bill Long

Fixed. 🙂

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I do have one request, the heading of Slop in Dec axis is a huge turnoff for me. For 2 reasons.

First, it suggests sloppiness, both in design and execution. Our design engineer is 6ft 3" and built like Arnold and he would take unkindly to the design being sloppy ;^)). Both Dave and I assemble the mounts and we are very careful in making sure that everything works exactly as intended. In fact, the tolerances are so tight that we have to shrink the bearings in our deep freeze in order to set them in their housing.

But the second reason is a bit different. back when my hobby was off-road endurance racing, we had one event each summer in south-western Wisconsin that was about 65 miles in length. The course went thru many farmer's back woods in the hills of the Driftless area (Driftless = untouched by the ice sheets that scoured the rest of the Midwest). This is rugged country and ideal for all kinds of off-road events.

Normally the farmers are all eager to lend the enduro clubs their wood sections for these races, but one of the most desirable sections was owned by a farmer who made one stipulation: the race had to go thru his pig wallow before heading up into his hills. He would set up a comfy chair on the hill overlooking the wallow, beer in hand and watch the racers run thru his 1/2 acre of foul smelling muck. Some of the novice racers would inevitably slide out and do a head-first dive into the mud. I always managed to make it thru without sliding out, but the stench stayed with me the rest of the race. Some of us would load the bikes on the trailers and or pickup trucks and head for the nearest do-it-yourself carwash. Of course we would also spray ourselves down too. So, every time I see the word slop, it brings back those memories and the foul stench thereupon.


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Thank you for the very detailed explanation. It is both very helpful -- and also enlightening as to the details you folks at AP apply in your engineering.

Roland Christen

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