Re: Smart Meridian Flip with NINA #APCC

Dale Ghent

Joseph, I'm catching up on emails after a vacation. Is this still an issue? If so, can you share your .mlm file?

On Oct 2, 2021, at 18:21, Joseph Beyer <jcbeyer2001@...> wrote:

The smart meridian flip didn't work well for me last night. I ran a 28 point APPM arc before imaging. When I started the sequencer the telescope slewed directly to the target, centered (no movement was required as it was centered already) and focused. Before NINA started imaging the meridian flip flow alert popped up indicating a meridian flip was scheduled in 35 minutes - which was wrong based on my position. The program didn't start imaging but just seemed to be waiting for the flip. I canceled the alert and NINA started imaging and the interval east of the meridian was uneventful. The flip came at the correct time indicated by the sequencer, not the 35 minutes initially indicated, but after the mount flipped it ended up pointing somewhere north of the target - plate solved - then slewed further away from the target. I attempted to repoint the mount using CdC and it also went the wrong direction. Shortly after APCC crashed and after restarting the virtual ports I use 20 and 21 had been replaced by 8 and 9. Tried reslewing to the target and it was clear the mount was lost. Manually moved it to PARK 3 and closed it up for the night.

The standard meridian flip worked great several days earlier. The smart meridian flip not so much.

I can provide logs if anyone is interested. I'll check in with the NINA forum as well.


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