Jack Huerkamp

I received this from Han, the author of ASTAP after sending him one of my PNG images and the solve of it:

Hello Jack,

It solves see attached screenshot settings.

Enter an estimate position ( ra=1.5, dec 30)  in the viewer or double click on RA and enter M33.

field of view (height) is 0.42 degrees or put this on auto

Use H18 star database since your field of view is small.

un-check calibration.

Note you can go fully blind by entering the search range of 180 degrees. You could also set FOV on auto but that takes time so better enter 0.42degrees for your system.

Clear skies, Han"

I tested ATPAS with several images this morning and it did solve them if I put in a rough RA and Dec position.  I assume that will not be an issue while running APPM as the mount's position will be indicated in APCC and I could feed the position into ASTAP for the purpose of plate solving.

I hope my logic is accurate as I hope to try an APPM run as soon as the skies clear.

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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