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Ray Gralak



As I suspected, there are some crazy-high values in the West model's pointing terms. The temporary solution is to turn off pointing correction, but I will make a change to APCC to ignore high-value terms like that. The problem is that there is not a large enough distribution of data points in both hour angle and declination to produce a good all-sky model. The Eastside doesn’t have the high values because the initial zenith point has a sufficiently different dec value than the arcs.





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> Mount: Mach1GTO/CP4

> APCC-Pro v1.9.0.11

> ASCOM V2 driver 5.30.10

> CP4 software P02-08


> Friday, Oct. 1:  Events started at 21:35 with a meridian flip.  Post flip the telescope was incorrectly pointing

> NNW of target (Pelican nebula).  With each successive plate solve the telescope continued to move further

> away in what seemed a NNE direction.  I stopped NINA and tried to slew back to the target with CdC which

> was followed by APCC shutting down.  After shutdown, the virtual ports changed from 20,21 to 8,9.


> Saturday, Oct. 2: I reset the virtual ports to 20,21 and ran the steps to reconfigure the V2 driver.  Last night I

> was out for a short period of time and tried to slew 2-3 times and APCC was disconnected and closed with

> each slew attempt.


> Thanks for taking a look, Joe

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