Re: Smart Meridian Flip with NINA #APCC

Joseph Beyer

Logs are posted here:

Mount: Mach1GTO/CP4
APCC-Pro v1.9.0.11
ASCOM V2 driver 5.30.10
CP4 software P02-08

Friday, Oct. 1:  Events started at 21:35 with a meridian flip.  Post flip the telescope was incorrectly pointing NNW of target (Pelican nebula).  With each successive plate solve the telescope continued to move further away in what seemed a NNE direction.  I stopped NINA and tried to slew back to the target with CdC which was followed by APCC shutting down.  After shutdown, the virtual ports changed from 20,21 to 8,9.   

Saturday, Oct. 2: I reset the virtual ports to 20,21 and ran the steps to reconfigure the V2 driver.  Last night I was out for a short period of time and tried to slew 2-3 times and APCC was disconnected and closed with each slew attempt. 

Thanks for taking a look, Joe

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