Jack Huerkamp

I downloaded and installed the latest version of APCC PRO on my observatory computer and also installed ASTAP and the H18 database.  Since it is raining and not predicted to clear for almost a week, I wanted to become familiar with ASTAP and its plate solving capabilities before attempting an APPM run.  I tried loading PNG images previously captured with the camera and scope I will be using to do the APPM run into ASTAP, and I consistently get "No solution found.  I then upload the image into astrometry.net and quickly get a plate solve.  I tried lowering the maximum number of stars to use.  I tried changing the Field of View height.  I tried changing the Radius search area.  Nothing I changed in ASTAP yielded a successful plate solve.

Has anyone else been successful in using ASTAP to do plate solving while doing an APPM run?  If so, what did you have to do to get ASTAP to work for you?

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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