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Roland Christen

An AE mount doesn't use or need a PE curve.


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I'm sorry, apparently I'm not making myself understood. This is appearing after clicking connect in PEMPro v3. The mount is an 1100GTOAE with a GTOCP4 controller. I had already read through the checklist you reference, and had done all of those things. I start the mount, start APCC and connect, then click on PEMPro from the setup screen. PEMPro starts. I click on connect scope, then get the "Unable to verify mount" message under the PEMPro v3 banner. I'm asking what set of conditions cause this message to appear. Is there some other connection I need to make? Is there another install step I've missed? Is there a security rule in Windows 10 causing a problem?  ????

Roland Christen

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