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Christopher Erickson

Also, the WiFi port and Ethernet port are different networks with different IP addresses. And the CP4 does not route IP traffic between the ports. So if you are connected via Ethernet, for example, the WiFi IP address will be unreachable via the Ethernet network, unless your WiFi and Ethernet networks are bridged at some other point in your network(s).

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  • I was under the impression that the IP address of the mount is static. Several weeks ago I was on the phone with AP and as part of that call my IP address for the mount was determined. I took a picture of it after I typed it in so that I would have it. Now I am trying to access the mount via ASCOM and ASCOM cannot find the mount. I inquired on Cloudy Nights as to what the issue could be (at the time I was using RDP to a headless PC at the mount) and thought that RDP might be the issue. But When I try to ping the mount's IP address from the command prompt it times out (on 2 different computers going pier to pier via ethernet cable directly to the mount.) This is odd because ASCOM worked before when connected pier to pier. So I'm starting to wonder if I have the wrong IP address? I'm typing it with the picture right in front of me.


The controller follows networking standards, which means the address can be assigned either via a static address (human set), a DHCP (IP address) server (home routers sometime do that), or via Windows stupid idiotic inane random address generator.  It all depends on details of your setup, and what you did the first time you used it.


So yes, it can change.


There’s a rather lengthy discussion on the subject in the “Astro-Physics GTO Servo Drive System Model GTOCP4 Operating Instructions” manual starting on page 12 and page 56 (at least in my version).  My recommendation is use ethernet (not wifi) and the first time you use it enter a static IP address and it will stop changing.



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