Re: More basic mount questions

michael mccann

Lots of ideas. I’m liking the hydraulic table from harbor freight because I’m loading a truss tube RC, 14”, about 65lbs without focuser and the rest. So no tube rings just dovetail. I’m out in the country, listening to some roosters crowing now, and my neighbors are more than a mile away. So most of my Astro-buddies are 20 plus miles away.
I think if the scope is positioned face down and the dovetail could align with the saddle if dec clutches allow saddle to point vertical.

The tricky part is adding gear (camera, focuser guide camera, etc.) and CW . I can predetermine the center of gravity on the OTA and gear.

Still working on that. I plan to get help from my friends, but I also trying to make it easier for all of us.


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