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Eric Weiner

No problem. 

In hindsight you can probably get away with 2-18, 1-10, 1-5. Notice on my photo how the 10 is almost flush with the 18s up top.  The 10 is in the middle when I have my imaging train on the OTA. So, there is still wiggle room for a few extra pounds. Sure, you want to keep the inertial moment arm small by keeping the weight high up the shaft, but I believe you’ll be able to achieve balance on 55lbs with 2-18 up top and the 10 lower on the shaft. Especially if you have a 5 too for fine tuning. You can always order another 18. 


On Sep 30, 2021, at 13:25, Michael Kelly <Michael@...> wrote:

 Eric, thanks for the input!  I’ve got that same honking hunk of optical magic!!  

So maybe;


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I’m assuming your Mach1 has the upgraded shaft since the previous owner is using those CW on the 1100. Make sure it’s the 1.875” shaft before ordering.

I don’t think the 30lb will fit as the highest cw on the Mach1 so keep that in mind. Mach1 owners can chime in on that.

I have a Mach2 with ~50lb of loading with my largest OTA imaging setup. I use 2 x 18lb + 1 x 10 lb. you can see that on the attached photo (setup for visual but with a honking monster of an ep attached). I also have 1 x 5lb for lighter visual configurations. You could add one more 18lb and be good.

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