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Steven Panish

I agree the USB->serial converter is all you need to be happy with the CP3.  The FTDI chipset has been the standard for about 20 years, and you can download drivers direct from them.  The Prolific chipset used to have a bad reputation, but I tried one recently, loaded the latest driver, and it worked well.   On the other hand, I tried a no-name that was about $5 from Ebay and the drivers were junk.  Kept grabbing new logical serial ports on the PC.



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> On Sep 29, 2021, at 1:34 PM, Michael Kelly <Michael@...> wrote:
> .  The mount I've bought has a CP3 controller and wondered some insight here in how to integrate. Do I need the CP4 to get the USB-B port which is not on a CP3 but on the CP4?

You can use a Serial -> USB adapter on the CP3.     The brand you want to buy is, i think, Tripp-Lite KeySpan.   

Tripp Lite Keyspan High-Speed USB to Serial Adapter, PC & Mac (USA-19HS)

I’ve used a few different serial/usb adapters with the CP3, but iirc the KeySpan adapter was recommended, and it is the adapter I use with the CP3 and other serial needs like the robofocus (Tho I no longer use robofocus).   Other adapters might have questionable chips which aren’t as reliable.


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