Dec Arc APPM mode: any l best practices for field set up

Andrea Lucchetti

Hi, the new functionality is now more mature and I assume some of you have some good data to share.

I usually shoot one subject per night.
Given the declination, what is the best combination of :

-number of dec arcs
-total number of points
-RA spacing

my present strategy is to run 2 arcs one degree north /south of the object declination for a total of 20 points.
But I wonder if there is a better approach. I think I can increase the number of total points while still investing a reasonable amount of time.
it is better to increase the number of points in the two arcs or may be have one middle arc running on the object declination?

Also, Someone recommended a new feature to easily model these points: I think that it would be very useful for people with a nomad set up.

Thank you,

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