Re: Maintenance for a 5 year old AP mount

michael mccann

We got here about 10 days ago. And after hard day of setting up the trailer, my wife and I were sitting outside just before sunset when we saw a series of bright flashes about 160° south of us. I asked my friends, about 20 miles away, if they were seeing the flashes. The thought we were “seeing things” , they couldn’t even see any clouds. Well I was using the mapping feature of wunderground to figure where the thunder heads were. I had to expand that map to over northern Mexico, to see the storm was over Nuevo Casas Grande, about 150 miles away.  I would have thought those storms were heading your way. But Texas is pretty broad. Last year it was a drought here. I’m just wintering here, so I could see it was dry here.  This time , it seems we’re getting daily showers, growing weeds, locust, all kinds of bugs, frogs and toads.
Hopefully you’ll get moisture soon.

On Sep 29, 2021, at 3:52 PM, fernandorivera3 via <fernandorivera3@...> wrote:

Michael send those monsoons over this way to deep southern Texas; only 1 day of rain since the end of July & no break from the endless heat blast 😳


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