Re: More basic mount questions

michael mccann

Thanks Tom
These AP are definitely a different animal than the Losmandy and iOptron, more options, higher quality. I appreciate you going over your approach. It’s curious that they start in position #3. When I get to the point of comfort that I’ll load my RC (OTA about 65lbs) , I’ll be probably loading it from park position #1 or #4. But I see that I’ll have to park at #3 and disengage clutches.
So When you load your scope , do you have it in park #3, release the clutches, move RA and Dec to a easy loading position, load telescope into the saddle , then reposition to park #3, tighten clutches. Then balance process starts at park position #3.
I guess with nearly 100lbs of weights I’m figuring out what’s the process I need to do this safely.
But I’ll start with some small setup first.


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