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Thomas Giannaccini

I’m a new owner of a used AP 1200 GTO mount but I will do my best to tell you my experience. 

So park 3 is where you start. Weights on an off in that position with clutches tight. In my case tight means finger tight plus a little more. So snug but not wrenched down. Loose to me means just loose. So from tight where it’s finger tight plus some to loose is probably 1-2 full turns. Maybe less.

So weights on then just barely loose to get a feel for the weight and how it will act. My AP 1100 has a fair amount of natural friction in it even with the clutches loose. So in my case this can make it difficult to determine what is exactly balanced. So this is what I did. I intentionally changed the weighting enough so I could tell what out of balance felt like. But I kept a tight grip on my OTA so there were no mishaps.

My OTA says 32 pounds but then there is the diagonal plus eyepiece, a GLP and whatever else. I ended up with 48# of weight and it feels balanced enough. With the friction that’s natural to the system it can only be tuned so much. The book says err on the side of more weight so that’s how I handled it. Once you think you’re close you can try loosening the clutches a little more to see if that will help you feel the balance point.

You have a different mount but I hope this will give you some idea.

Hope that helps.


On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 10:22 PM michael mccann via <> wrote:
Hi again
Getting a feel for AP1600 clutch methods. It seems like the AP clutch system is more like the Losmandy G11 than the iOptron iEq30 Pro ( which in reality is how the iEq30 mount engages the worm gear). 
So when achieving balance on the G11 I would loosen the clutches to balance RA and Dec.  Your manual says to keep the clutches hand tight on both axis. Disengage the gear mesh as one balances.
My question is even though you disengage the gear mesh, wouldn’t you still want to disengage the clutch on the axis your balancing? So you know your design better, what am I missing?


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