Re: Seeking CP3 Control Box with V2 Chip




According to the APCC requirements, you only need the V chip. If the custom tracking rates are important, the V1 chip.  BTW, we can provide a loaner for you while yours is in for evaluation/repair.


These are the additional features in the V1 and V2.:


Version V2

• Optimized RA and DEC guiding corrections for Absolute and Precision Encoders.


Version V1

• Increased the range of the custom tracking rates from 99x to 999x. NOTE: Implemented in ASCOM V2 Driver v.5.10.00 and APCC v.

• Improved autoguider performance for mounts with Absolute Encoders or Precision Encoders.

• Fixed bug that occasionally moved DEC to the wrong place when returning from overshoot ("DEC Dither") in fork mode.



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Fernando,   I fid find this on AP website: The Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) requires either the CP4 control box or the CP3 control box with the V2 chip installed.

So it would seem I'm looking for the cp3 v2. 

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