Hello All and pardon the newbie questions.....

Michael Kelly


First things first....I approve of being an Astronut! What a difference a letter makes but its close proximity so I wont complain! 

I will be receiving my second hand Mach1 shortly and had an 'oh so long list of questions' that will surely have many of you rolling your eyes....no worries, I'm a quick study so I wont annoy you much for long before my very extensive mechanical and machining background will be able to offer valid and hopefully valuable input to all!  

While I gear up and learn APCC I do intend, (or at least hope to) to keep utilizing the ASIair which I have come to really appreciate its simplicity and integration.  The mount I've bought has a CP3 controller and wondered some insight here in how to integrate. Do I need the CP4 to get the USB-B port which is not on a CP3 but on the CP4? 

Again....I have serious newbie to AP ecosystem questions...please be patient!  

Best and Clear Skies,


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