Re: Questions about APCC

Ray wrote:

2. If I have plate solved an image in Maxim using PinPoint is it OK to use Maxim's "Sync to solved position"?
Yes, you can do that. However, if you use APCC Pro with a pointing model, I recommend you recalibrate through APPM, as it will be slightly more accurate.
In my scenario I set up each night, but in almost precisely the same spot. I then polar align, and am always already within a few arc minutes, which I tweak to get back closer.

At that point, since everything is more or less as it was, I plate solve and sync (recal actually) from NINA and move on.

Should I instead, after the polar align, open APPM and do a plate solve and sync? Running the recal through ASCOM thru APPC (with the model turned on) does something different than the recal (only, with no new model) in APPM?

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