Re: Questions about APCC

M Hambrick

Hi Geoff

You and I are essentially at the same point with APCC. I told myself that I was going to force myself to start using it. I read somewhere that commands through the keypad will override APCC or other software (e.g. A-P ASCOM V-2).

On your first question I am pretty sure that you can just do a recalibrate with the keypad after you have centered the star.

I am not sure about the answer to your second question. I just today upgraded to the from the PinPoint LE version that comes with MaxIm DL to the full PinPoint version, so now I have yet another software to figure out how to use.


One thing I am confused about is what are the differences between using APCC to control my mount versus the Observatory Control tab in MaxIm DL Pro which I have not used yet either. Until now, I have been using my keypad exclusively.

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