Questions about APCC

Geoff Smith

I have finally decided to bite the bullet and start using APCC and naturally I have some questions. The first concerns using the keypad with APCC. Normally I use the keypad's extensive database to slew to my object. I occasionally use Maxim DL to do they same thing. Lets suppose I have initialised, unparked etc the mount using APCC and i have the keypad set on EXT. I now slew to a star with the keypad and find the pointing off a bit. So I centre the star with the NSWE keypad buttons and decide to do a recal.
1. Do I use the keypad or the GoTo/Recal tab in APCC?
2. If I have plate solved an image in Maxim using PinPoint is it OK to use Maxim's "Sync to solved position"?

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