Re: It works! NINA, ASTAP, Model, new AP1100AE


Hi Linwood

nice to hear your success

>>> if you have an all sky model, should you check the DEC Arc tracking anyway?

it's an optional feature, but yes I suggest you check it. It's a "tracking improvement" feature. The worst that happens is your guiding doesn't improve, and you can disable it


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Ok, it's another one of those "surprise, it did what it said it would" posts, but... first really clear night since i got the mount (2 months ago). First real model where I could get the whole sky.

NINA and ASTAP used, 79 points, 79 good, none failed, 32 minutes (about 2.5 points per minute) with a C11 @ 2800mm, ASI6200MM bin 2, 3 sec exposures.  Polar aligned with NINA's new tool.

With light winds (gusting to 5mph with a big dew shield on it), PHD2 over 200 seconds shows RMS error of 0.46" -- with guiding OFF (Guiding Assistant). 

First slew across half the sky plate solved to 20" by 1" off.

Many thanks to Dale, Ray and whoever else helped with the NINA/ASTAP integration.  I can't get my camera to work reliably with APPM directly, and I really didn't want to use TSX, so this is a terrific combination, and at least to me seems quite fast.  Not sure I NEED a model but it is nice to know I can build one reasonably fast.

I'm now imaging and guiding at 0.31" RMS despite the light wind (prior mounts almost any wind with that big dew shield was a mess). All that with a non-locked mirror as well.

So I do have one question: if you have an all sky model, should you check the DEC Arc tracking anyway?  (I realize the model is not really important since I'm guiding, but trying to learn in case I want to ever image unguided. )

So anyway, thanks again for all that made the new integration work!



Brian Valente

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