Re: It works! NINA, ASTAP, Model, new AP1100AE

Bill Long wrote:


  • Definitely best to encounter a problem before paying a load of money to fix it. :) 


Despite vendor wishes to the contrary.  😊


Of course, it presumes the wisdom to notice a problem.  Something I worry about at times.


  • I have always assumed the numbers on one side being different than the other were due to orthogonality issues or a slight pier imbalance. Ray would know better though. 


I stare at the numbers and even if I know a definition, I lack the context to know if it is actionable.  E.g. is 113 Tube Flexure, for a C11 on an AP1100 grossly awful or really good or somewhere in between?   (Or maybe more to the point are any of these actionable intelligence about one’s setup; maybe the answer is problems show up elsewhere, this is not a good place to look).


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