Re: Is this tilt in the image train?

Joseph Beyer


I have a 2016-2017 vintage FSQ-106, the model where they changed the color from white to a bluish white.  I’ve used a full frame Nikon D800 for several years and it will produce pinpoint stars across the entire sensor.  I’ve not had a problem with my current scope as long as I’ve owned it. 

I recently purchased an ASI6200 and am dealing with the same problem you are.  Given my prior camera experience I know it’s the new camera causing problems. Initially I connected my filter wheel to the camera with the stock tilt adjuster sandwiched in between.  Images were terrible with elongation of stars nearly across the frame.  I removed the tilt adjuster and immediately got better stars but not great yet. Here is the first test image with 30 X 90 second exposures (45 min) . The image is completely full frame with no cropping and was calibrated with only darks and bias as I was interested in seeing what degree of vignetting I was going to get with m48 connectors.  I’ve since purchased a Gerd Neumann CTU but haven’t gotten it set up due to the terrible conditions we’ve had out here in CA. 

My first guess is tilt for your system.  


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