Re: SH2-171 on Mach2 and new Moravian c3 61000 Pro (Sony IMX 455)

Eric Weiner


Thank you for the thoughtful response. Receiving such positive feedback from a long time user is very helpful. I use 2” mounted Chroma filters myself, so I understand your suggestion regarding FW sizing. I’m currently running HaRGB, but Oiii and Sii are on my long purchase list.

I do have a few questions when you have time:

Did you purchase your Moravian equipment direct from the factory or are you fortunate enough to have a distributor nearby?

Do you have any experience with their OAG or Ethernet adapter? Although, I don’t see much use for the later.

You mentioned the cooling was effective, but not impressive. Do you have the standard or enhanced cooling model?

I live in the USA, so I am a little apprehensive about a European camera because of the potential for customer support difficulties, but we don’t have any good enthusiast level North American camera options at the moment anyhow. As everyone knows, the Chinese camera manufacturers’ customer and software/driver support is atrocious. At least from North America it is. I’m sure dealing with the folks in the Czech Republic would be much easier.

Thanks again for taking the time to send this information. I will gladly contact you if I think of any more questions.


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