Re: Is this tilt in the image train?

Bill Long

I highly doubt it's the focuser. I hang an 11lb camera system off the back of the NC with no flex, sag, etc. The ASI camera package with wheel and OAG weigh less than the filter wheel I have in use.

I suspect the telescope. I have owned an FSQ in the past and had to send it in for collimation as well. Mine did not have to go to Japan, but others in the same boat had to. 

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The image may be somewhat misleading.  The horizontal zoom, results in an image of 85" wide.  So it is extremely zoomed in. CCD inspector shows a tilt of 3-4 arc seconds.
Interestingly, I look through lots of past images and the tilt seems to change depending on where in the sky I am pointing.
Sound like flex, however I have gone through 3 image trains.  All do the same. It's as if something is lose in a cell somewhere in the telescope. 
Currently I am using a Moonlight nightcrawler with all screw in adapters.

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