Re: SH2-171 on Mach2 and new Moravian c3 61000 Pro (Sony IMX 455)

Andrea Lucchetti

I used to own their G16803 for about 7 years so I think I know very well Moravian.
the C3 camera I have now has an exetrnal filter wheel , 5 position 50x50mm.
I decided to stick to my moravian filter set from the previous camera and opted for that FW.
if you will decide, I suggest to consider a smaller set but 7 positions: i think my wheel (medium size) can get 7 2 inches round filters.
This camera is a monster with narrow band, and you could like to have O3 and ha.
The camera is very well built, usb 3, fast download time (2x2 is less than one second).
It is not like the FLI proline, but it is about 2.8kg with filter wheel.
don't expect any of the low cost cameras issues: cooling issues, tilting, etc.
they work as advertised

The software package is maintained and sees several updates during the year to support new cameras or features.
They have native drivers for skyx, driver for linux, indi,ascom.
At present they don't have a native driver for NINA ( I requested this) but the Ascom one works just fine.
For people living in Europe support is also very easy, no need for complex custom declarations when you send the camera for maintenance or repair.
Support is great: during the years they helped me to update the electronics till that was possible.

Please let me know if you need specific info and I'll try to answer


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