Re: Reflection in image

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

Maybe this will put an end to the GSO discussions.   I did some searching.  Teleskop Service sells a baffle addition for the stock baffle sold on GSO RCs which were shown to have light leaks around the secondary baffle and produce similar artifacts to what I experienced and what Robert is experiencing.  It is called a light shade baffle and they make them for several size scopes.  Apparently the issue was detected back in 2017 by a gentleman named Knute H. Shaffner and in collaboration with Teleskop Service TS started making the baffles.  I am ordering one for my 12" GSO and I suppose I could experiment an extension to the baffle, but that would take some time and time is money and is better spent under clear skies.

Thanks Rolando for the diagnosis and the rest of the gang for chiming in.  I hope this cures the very annoying artifact I have lived with for a while.  I admit, I do like my poor man's RC.  Hopefully I will like it even more for now and until I can upgrade.

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