Is this tilt in the image train?

Tom Blahovici

Now that I have my new AP1100, I am seeing the starts in their true shapes.  Gone are the guiding issues and so on with the new APPM models.
So, this is the first image taken as a test unguided at 5 minutes.  I took the same image with the autoguider running and it made no corrections.

Does this looks like tilt?  In your experience is it? CCDInspector shows a tilt in the direction from lower left to upper right.
It appears to come from before the focuser since the image changes with a 180 degree shift in the camera rotation.

I have tilt adapters both before the focuser (Moonlight nightcrawler) and after.
The telescope is that notorious FSQ106, the telescope plagued with this type of issue.

Thanks, Tom

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