SH2-171 on Mach2 and new Moravian c3 61000 Pro (Sony IMX 455)

Andrea Lucchetti

as we had some discussions around the new Sony Cmos and Moravian cameras, I am attaching my first image using the combo Mach2 and Moravian C3.

After a number of issues and under a poor sky , I've finally managed to take the image.
LRGB bin 2x2, 12x300s per channel
200mm f 3.9( 4.5 corrected) self built newton telescope
Mount AP Mach2
C3 61000 pro, gain=0
acquisition in NINA: very poor guiding as it was the very first time for me with PHD2
processing in Pixinsight

Compared to the 16803 ccd, this sony sensor has greater dynamic thanks to minimal read noise.
in 2x2, it has better resolution than the 16803 and same Mpixel count.
in 2x2 has a full well of 200k.
I find it very good for RGB and should amazing in narrow band at gain= 2750.
the camera tilting plate works well, and ccd seems very well aligned (I didn't need to play with tilt)
the cooling is effective but not impressive: I achieved -43 deg @95% power. temperature was indeed very stable even at this high power level.

this is the link to the image.


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