PA Error what is acceptable for 530mm FL & 2.1arc sec/pix

Shailesh Trivedi


I ran a 290 point APPM model last Friday and am having trouble centering to a target (I am off by several degrees). Ray suggested "Plate Solve and Recal" in APPM, but I noticed something odd in looking at the Model numbers. The polar elevation is -600 something arc seconds and the polar azimuth is -300 something, see attached.

I know that APPM is expected to correct for PA errors, but for a 530mm FL and image scale of 2.1 arc sec per pixel, is this error too much?

I prefer to dial it down to less than 10 arc sec, but the night I did my PA with PEMPRO, I was chasing the seeing in suburban Sacramento.

Please shed light. thanks.


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